Family Medical Crisis

Good Morning Everyone. I’m currently experiencing a family medical crisis and due to trips to and from the hospital, things will be a bit delayed with regards to edits and album layouts. there is no time frame as to how long this will last and we’ll have to take things one day at a time. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. God Bless.

Contacting Tyrone

Hello Everyone. As you can all see, I’m taking a little break before the rush starts again next week. There have been a few issues with my blog and website but it is all being sorted out. Some of you have tried to contact me via the blog but unfortunately I’m not getting the messages. For now, please email me on for all inquiries. Thanks so much!

Ronnel & Keith

During the heavy drought that the country has been experiencing, everyone had been praying for rain and so showers of blessings arrived and stayed the whole day that Ronnel and Keith got married, blessing their marriage for eternity! To see more, click here

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